Old Faithful Inn

The Old Faithful Inn is a beautiful, rustic lodge in the heart of the Old Faithful Geyser Basin area. All the walking trails for this section start at the lodge, and it also has a restaurant and a sub shop. The original part of the inn was opened in 1904, and all the stone and logs used to build it were gathered from the area. An East Wing was added in 1913, and a West Wing in 1928. This photo shows the inn from the geyser basin walkway, with one of the geothermal pools in the foreground.
Tami had booked our reservation many months in advance, so we had a room with Old Faithful right outside of our window. As with most rooms on the trip, there was no television - this turned out to be one of the best things about the trip! No newspapers, no TV, we were completely unplugged from the rest of the world, and that did wonders for us both.
It was an average sized room, but decorated with natural wood furniture and was very comfortable. It's hard to consider life back in the real world when you can look out of your window and see Old Faithful erupting every 70-80 minutes!
We actually parked in the back parking lot of the lodge, and were able to dodge a lot of tourists (like ourselves) and may tour busses that are continually pulling up in front. The smokestack-looking thing that you see sticking up in the photo is from the lobby fireplace (as you see on the main vacation page) and was once solid rock reaching up into the sky. An earthquake corrected that, though, and this is the way that it looks today.
Be sure to go up to the second floor of the inn before you leave. You can get a frosty beverage, then enjoy a wonderful view of the Old Faithful geyser basin. Take a coat, though - Mitchel was a little chilly in his shorts and tee shirt!
When we got in one evening, we just sat on the bed and watched Old Faithful's cycle of steam and eruption for a long time. This room was perfect. Our best advice is to book the room early, tell them what you want, then check in early so that you will be sure to get it! By the way, the front desk always has the next eruption time, so that was our first phone call every morning: "When's Old Faithful gonna go off?!?"

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